Stichting Kunst & Complex

In 1981, a group of visual artists from Rotterdam joined forces to run their studios by themselves and to work and exhibit together. They founded Stichting Kunst & Complex ( Kunst & Complex Foundation ). The community has proven to be a fertile ground for initiatives that have gone far beyond the original objective.

The group took over an abandoned factory in an industrial area of the Rotterdam Harbour in 1988. It took all seventeen artists seven months to renovate the building.

In order to consolidate and extend valuable personal contacts with both Dutch and foreign artists, three of the studio spaces were reserved for ( foreign ) artist residences. Since 1988 there have been 120 guest artists from Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, the United States and the Netherlands.

The energy and dedication of the K&C-Foundation over the past 27 years is evident through its extensive history of exhibitions, publications and exchange projects. The most notable projects are:

“Der Wechsel/de wissel”, Düsseldorf, Germany (1985);
“De idiomas desiguales/uit ongelijke talen”, Aranda de Duero, Spain (1993);
“Bounce>Rotterdam”, Winnipeg/Victoria, Canada (1995) and ReBounce>Victoria, Rotterdam (1997).